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Food Court Remastered

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact on all our lives, we slowly start to understand that our world, the way we live together and interact in groups is going to change not just in the immediate future. Social distancing will have a long-term impact on architecture and design of any building serving their community as a meeting place.

The focus of the Design International Foundation is on research and educational programmes to support the next generation of architects with training and work experience. The aim is to help these students to shine in their chosen field through innovation and an emphasis on responsible, community centred designs.

As retailers around the world are facing the challenge to adapt their environments to the new requirements of their customers and business associates, The Foundation has partnered with Design International to leverage their creative expertise in food court design to identify solutions to the most pressing issue of the day: How to adapt what usually is designed to be a crowded and buzzing area to the requirements of social distancing without loosing the appeal and fun of communal dining.

Design International Foundation, in the attempt to answer this question, creates the initiative Food Court Remastered.

The initiative is designed to be an easily accessible design review and sketch service, delivered by a team from Design International working with mall owners to create social distancing compliant layouts for the re-configuration of the food courts within their properties. In line with the company’s corporate social responsibility and ethical values, Design International is contributing 300 free design days to this Design Planning Service program – the aim being to produce layouts for 300 Food Courts in 300 design days, matching the 300 malls that the company has completed over its 55 years of history.

Our pro bono approach to those initial clients of our 300 projects will be to identify and design, through our four offices in London, Milan, Dubai and Shanghai, for post covid-19. The initiative, completely free of charge, represents a closed consultation, without having to lead to further steps or commitments for the Shopping Places that will benefit from it. This initiative is intended only for food courts that existed before the Covid-19 emergency.

You can action an expression of interest by filling out the form below or contacting the office responsible for managing requests by sending an e-mail to: giveback@designinternational.com.

Our team of specialized architects will study individual cases by giving concrete and receptive answers in a week, providing advice that will help in adapting the spaces in consideration of the new health regulations.

We are ready to do our part, taking a lead in giving a small but concrete contribution to adapt retail spaces, in response to the new needs of social distancing, location design, online visualisation, new government regulation.

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