Centro Sicilia

Misterbianco, Italy
GBA: 95,600 sqm; GLA: 41,094 sqm
Gruppo Cualbu
Retail & Leisure

The architectural language takes inspiration from the local surroundings, in particular the striking volcanic landscape of nearby Mount Etna. We imagined the project as if created by a volcanic eruption, the façade articulated as a series of masses from dark matter, furrowed with cracks that are illuminated at night and evoke images of lava streams. To counter this density, light metal structures are used throughout the mall, creating a bright atmosphere with many skylights that remind the visitors they are near the sea.

Inside, the galleries are designed like real city streets, with lots of natural light and unusually high shopfronts that make each shop a ‘flagship store’. The differently themed galleries encourage visitors to explore, while ‘landmarks’ throughout the mall allow for easy orientation throughout the space, with maximum importance on shopfronts and retail operators.