Forsan Central Mall

Khalifa City, United Arab Emirates
GBA: 99,000 sqm; GLA: 43,000 sqm; Parking Spaces: 1,300
Lulu Group International
Retail & Leisure

Inspiration has been taken from a bamboo forest to create a "Garden in the City" theme. Bamboo, a natural material, is known for its exceptional growth rate and versatility, which directly reflects the unique character of Abu Dhabi and its rapid development on the global stage. The natural reference has been adopted playfully on the building’s distinctive façade through a sequence of vertical green and brown coated aluminium pipes that recall the image of a forest.  It is also present inside the building with cafes, bars and restaurants immersed in a green park under one of the region’s largest geodetic skylights, that will ultimately give the whole project an outdoor feel.